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    Click on Your Key to Success!

    Corporate Combat® will help you:

    • Investigate theft and fraud with pinpoint accuracy
    • Read the subtle body language of employees
    • Obtain written confessions, legally
    • Hire and fire with ease while remaining within the law
    • Understand “tricky” courtroom tactics
    • Attain razor-sharp interviewing/interrogating skills
    • Hire top quality applicants
    • Reduce employee turnover
    • Reduce theft
    • Minimize personnel problems
    • Improve Productivity and Loyalty
    • Stop behavior that leads to defamation and slander

    Products & Services include:

    • Unlimited toll-free phone Consultation
    • Employee & Customer Hotline service
    • Unlimited Early Warning Diagnostic Surveys
    • Corporate Fraud Investigations
    • State-of-the-Art CCTV Systems
    • Discounts on Pre-employment Screening Surveys
    • Discounts on Background Checks
    • Full access to Corporate Combat® Secure Website
    • Full access to user-friendly Training Database
    • Combat Journal™ Loss Prevention Newsletter

    What Franchisees are saying:

    "Bill Urban and Corporate Combat is an invaluable resource to me as a Great Clips franchisee!"

    Bill Urban and Corporate Combat is an invaluable resource to me as a Great Clips franchisee! I’ve subscribed to his service every year. We owe it to our industry to convict, rather than just fire thieves, who will just go find another unsuspecting victim. When I suspect we have a theft problem, Bill is the first person I call. Because he has worked with so many Great Clips franchisees throughout the years, he knows our systems and lingo. This allows him to coach our team through our specific issue to help us collect enough evidence that we know our chances of a conviction are strong. Once we have the evidence collected, Bill then coaches us on how to meet with the employee to attempt to get a confession. Bill will role play this discussion several times to ensure our management team is ready. Just before the confrontation, Bill has even had us call him from the parking lot to do a final role play before we enter the salon. This really helps us build confidence for this uncomfortable and scary task. That’s not where Bill’s support ends. He encourages us to go outside and call him throughout the confrontation process to see where we are and redirect us to ensure we get the confession. Just last weekend Bill gave up his Sunday evening of Labor Day weekend to coach us through a conversation with a thief. For the first hour, she would only admit to misunderstanding our family discount policy, which she conveniently though incorrectly, called our “friends and family discount”. When we got stuck, I called Bill and he gave us new statements and questions that moved her in the direction to build trust and open her up. By the second hour she had admitted to giving away haircuts to friends, friends of friends, and friends of her family members in exchange for a big tip. Bill then suggested we change from a soft tone to a strong authoritative tone, and he role played this with me as I stood outside the salon with the employee and my witness still in the office. As a result, in the third hour we finally got a confession that this person was also giving away haircuts to regular customers, people she felt were struggling financially, and women who agreed to go to her home and pay for color services, in exchange for a bigger tip. When we moved onto the confession writing phase, Bill coached us through this process to which resulted in the confession you will find below. This is the 4th or 5th time Bill has coached me through this process, and I thought I could do it on my own, considering it was Sunday night on Labor Day weekend, even though Bill encouraged me to call him. Then I got stuck. Bill not only took my call, but slowed our process down to ensure we were taking all the right steps to get a conviction. Never in a million years would I have ever been able to get a confession out of this thief if it hadn’t been for the coaching of Bill Urban.

    Patti Robertson
    Tidewater Clippers, LLC
    Great Clips Franchisee Since 2000

    Employee admitted to stealing over $20,000

    “To fellow Great Clips Franchisees:

    Recently we discovered evidence that an employee was stealing from us. Rather than confront the employee we decided to use the services of Corporate Combat®. We arranged for Bill Urban to conduct an interview with the employee. We were shocked at the confession he was able to attain. This employee admitted to stealing over $20,000 during a 5 year period. Further research uncovered [others stealing]. Interviews were arranged and again we were shocked by the dollar amounts of the confessions. One admitted to taking over $2,000 in 6 month period and the other $8,000 in a 9 month period. [they were prosecuted and convicted and are paying restitution] Had we decided to deal with these employees on our own we probably would have confronted them with the evidence and terminated them. We would not have known the extent of their theft activities nor prosecuted and recovered any money." – Dan Washburn, Springline Corporation - Florida

    "Becoming a member of Corporate Combat was one of
    the best things I have ever done for my company"

    "Bill Urban with Corporate Combat was a godsend to us! When my GM and I realized we had a thief, he helped us gather evidence and coached us throughout the entire process. He spent hours teaching us how to interrogate her to get a full confession. Most of these hours he spent with us was while he was on vacation! He also made himself available while we were going through the interrogation so he could support us while it was happening. (Also, while he was on vacation.)

    Not only did she confess to what we already knew she did, but so much more! It had been going on for months longer than we even realized. She wrote a full two-page confession! Shortly thereafter, the police came and picked her up! In total she confessed to stealing $26,000.00! Without Bill's help we would have thought it was around $2,000.00. I would have never believed it! Becoming a member of Corporate Combat was one of the best things I have ever done for my company!" – Annie Beale - Owner, Coastal Clips - Virginia Beach, VA

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