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5MP TVI Systems
Camera Systems
Written Confessions

Why consider Security?

  • 7% of Annual Revenues are Lost to Employee Theft or Fraud

  • 75% of Employees Admitted to Stealing at Least Once from their Employer

  • 37.5% of Employees Admitted to Stealing at Least Twice from their Employer

  • 75% of Employee Crimes go Unnoticed

  • 10% of Employees are Responsible for 95% of Employee Theft

  • 15 Times more likely for an Employee to Steal than a Non-employee

Corporate Combat™ Will Help You With...


Loss Prevention
Advanced CCTV Systems

CLEAR quality video = CLEAR quality evidence! Plain and simple. You cannot afford to cut corners on technical quality.

  • Investigate theft & fraud with pinpoint accuracy

  • Read the subtle body language of employees

  • Obtain written confessions legally

  • Hire & fire with while remaining within the law

  • Understand “tricky” courtroom tactics

  • Attain razor-sharp interviewing skills

  • Hire top quality applicants

  • Reduce employee turnover

  • Reduce theft

  • Minimize personnel problems

  • Improve Productivity and Loyalty

  • Stop behavior that leads to defamation & slander

Technology Services

After nearly three decades as a Preferred Business Partner, hundreds of CCTV installations, and a significant number of fraud and theft cases, we know the technical, legal and workplace needs and concerns that you will face.

Great Clips®

Preferred Business Partner

Since 1997

Corporate Combat is an invaluable resource to me as a Great Clips franchisee! I’ve subscribed to their service every year. We owe it to our industry to convict, rather than just fire thieves, who will just go find another unsuspecting victim......

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