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This is a special PRE-background check that is only available to Loss Prevention Specialists, Inc. and Corporate Combat, Inc. Clients and Members. This background check process is a "blended" record check that Corporate Combat® has assembled to gather the most information as possible in the shortest amount of time. This report is not to be used as a pre-employment report, but a PRE-SCREENING REPORT or "FILTER" that provides insight and additional information to help you expedite the hiring process. As the name suggests, you are "sweeping" millions of records that might reveal something you need to know right now! For less than the cost of a cup of coffee, you can re-run the employee monthly, quarterly or annually to find out if he or she has been convicted of a crime that you were not aware of.

Corporate Combat® has multiple resources and years of experience and only the highest quality Data Retrieval Specialists to assist them in revealing a person's character and integrity.

• SweepAlert™ checks all 50 states for criminal records, including some traffic records. All 50 sex offender registries are checked as well as inmate and arrest records (felonies and misdemeanors).

Key point: SweepAlert™ will prescreen your candidates even after they are employed! This post-employment proactive background check can offer early detection to problematic employees who can—and do—commit criminal acts AFTER THEY ARE EMPLOYED. Corporate Combat®will recheck—on a monthly/quarterly/annual basis—all of the candidates you prescreen with SweepAlert™.

IMPORTANT! The SweepAlert™ is a check you would make prior to conducting a full Employment Background Check (as described above) in the case that something negative (i.e., a criminal history) appears where a conviction was determined and you can now potentially eliminate the candidate from the front runners and focus on the others. You will save time and money by not having to delve into the past of a candidate you are  likely to pass over now that you are armed with this revelation of their criminal history.

Let's address a common question or concern "Why conduct a SweepAlert™ if I can't use it to make a hiring decision?


• Why shouldn't you be armed with all the legal knowledge you can when interviewing a job candidate?

• Why shouldn't you be aware of what a job candidate has done in his or her past that might negatively impact the reputation and character of your company? You might even come to the decision that it is not worth scheduling an interview with a candidate who has a history that would eliminate them from consideration.

• Would you find it valuable to discover that a job candidate has a criminal history before even talking to him or offering him the job?

• Would you want to save time and money by eliminating the troubled candidates from those that appear to have a clear past?

• What about the employee who "clears" the initial background check and is later arrested for say, theft. What if you have a current theft or fraud suspicion and this employee was one of 30 employees—who would you look at first? What if the arrest was for drugs, would you find the information valuable in an investigation of a suspicious accident at work?

The SweepAlert™ also provides information that would indicate that something might have been missed. Let’s say you check those counties that you believe the applicant has lived in based on the information provided or the information you get through address verification, etc. The SweepAlert™ can detect “older” data, or provide more information that the person might have lived in a county that was missed in the initial search and you can do a check in that county. Because the SweepAlert™ is comprised of freshly "collected" data—which are good sources of information—they should not be relied upon as being as accurate as an up-to-the-minute search performed by a Court Retrieval Specialist. SweepAlert™ is an additional tool that is helpful in the overall due diligence of the search. Monitoring potential arrest activity is a great tool for detecting dangerous or serious post behavior.

These are just a few good reasons to use SweepAlert™. TIP: Common sense is the most underused of all the senses. SweepAlert™ is plain old common sense. Use it—save time, money and a bad hire! Your Employment Background Check measures past behavior. SweepAlert™ is a tool that does that as well as monitor future behavior.

Sample Sweep Alert

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