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BlackWhole Solutions™

“The Power of Prevention!” – Since 1984

Call 1-855-55-GREAT
for special Z pricing!


If you are not familiar with BlackWhole Solutions™ [BWS] please go to to learn more about this very unique Security/Loss Prevention Interactive Software. Call 1-800-825-5572 for more detailed information.

BWS is State-of-the-art software that is User controlled. You create and monitor your own hotline service ( and have full control over Case Management and Resolution. You are assigned an Expert in the area you are having an issue with. You can also study the ever-growing volume of content and solutions provided by Users and Experts as they solve sensitive workplace issues. BWS also uses a proprietary K.I.S.S. database system. Keyword Intelligence Solution System! Use BWS and eliminate attorney retainers and high consulting fees!

BWS Members also receive FREE to Discounted fees at WME is a site that has been designed to help you in your selection and use of CCTV products and services. As a BWS Member you can upload your video clips and receive expert analysis in any ongoing investigation. Since 1972, we have viewed and studied thousands of hours of fraud and theft related videos and have an extremely high success rate in investigations and interrogations that have resulted in the kind of experience that is rare in the security industry. We share this unique insight and experience with our BWS Members. We have also spent time in court testifying in fraud and theft cases and we pass this courtroom testimony experience on to our BWS Members.

BWS Members will also receive Continuing Education State-Approved Training courses and Loss Prevention Awareness Courses at discounted rates at In addition, BWS Members receive discounts on real-time background checks at

Background Check Comp Chart:

User Guide:


The Chart below shows standard program pricing for non-Great Clips companies.


Great Clips Franchisees pay substantially less

than shown below!

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