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Why the PASS III?

The PASS III Survey is the original low cost, noninvasive character attitude survey designed to evaluate your employment applicants with instant self-contained grading for immediate results and interview follow-up

Brevity - 100 items that are answered "Yes," "?" or "No".

Quickness - Only 10-15 minutes required to complete the survey.

Convenience - On-site, simple form.

Ease of Administration - One large sheet or can be taken online, no page turning and no separate answer sheet or complicated codes.

Instant Scoring- Using NCR-type paper, the scoring template is simultaneously completed as the applicant completes the survey.

Instant Analysis & Interpretation - By simply adding numbers and translating the data to relative risk levels, the employer will obtain the information they need to know. No phoning in scores and waiting for the results.

Local Control of Decision-Making - Knowing the results from each part of the Survey immediately allows you to utilize the data with other assessment activities.

Validity & Reliability - Years of research went into establishing the validity and reliability of the PASS III. Reliability, validation and test development have been done in compliance with Federal guidelines. The Surveys are nondiscriminatory, do not invade privacy, and do not require the applicant's self-report of past wrongdoings or negative behavior.

Evaluates important attitudes toward:


  • Work Ethic

  • Reliability

  • Honesty

  • Drug/Alcohol Use

(Section 1) Alienated Attitudes: The PASS III measures an applicant's predisposed attitude toward supervisors, rules, pay, benefits, procedures, discipline, work habits and work ethic.

(Section 2) Trustworthiness Attitudes: Comparative attitude levels toward theft, trustworthiness, dependability and personal responsibility.

(Section 3) Drug Attitudes: The applicant's attitude about the use and/or abuse of drugs and alcohol.

• Hire top quality applicants
• Reduce employee turnover
• Enhance employee morale
• Reduce theft
• Minimize personnel problems
• Improve profits by reducing hiring costs

Pricing: The PASS III is priced between $9.50 and $14.50 depending on volume.


Here is a screenshot of a Sample Candidate:

Here is a screenshot of a case that was personally handled by Corporate Combat from the point of detection to the arrest of the subject:

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