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Real Videos Captured By Our Combat-Z Systems

Close-up, slight of hand…

…and not a bad day’s work for this hyped-up thief! He empties the drawer tray in one smooth move. His hyper ‘jittery’ movement, gibberish speech and overall body language was the first indication to keep the drawer closed.

Employees need to spot the threat and use the appropriate counter-action to deter such behavior.

Sometimes you just need to let it go!


The employees here did the right thing. They didn’t confront. They didn’t argue. They let the suspect take the drawer. Employees can be trained to focus on the description of the thief. His calm demeanor, yet threatening words, would indicate this is not his first time at bat.

Look for details that will help the police. The suspect’s height, build, race, clothing details (brand of shoes, ‘slogan’ on shirt, etc.) approximate age, demeanor, speech pattern, etc. will all help.

Know when they’re a Pro!


Observe! Watch the hands and listen carefully to what she (the thief) is saying. The professional shoplifter is just that…PROFESSIONAL! Stealing is their job and they are very good at it. They are BOLD! They lull you in, and distract you, through conversation. In this case, it’s not so much slight-of-hand as it is sheer boldness. Note how the shoplifter took control of the environment. She’s in charge! Not the employees. It’s not only the words of the thief, but their ability to present themselves as the person calling the shots. This thief stole several hundred dollars (fake refunds) within minutes!

It’s all in the preparation!


This employee set up a deposit to steal by earlier placing it under a mat and returning to steal it after the salon was closed. Not bad for under one minute’s work.

There have been many salons where our security has found money ‘stashed’ in various locations in a salon. We’ve seen money ‘hidden’ under towels, or in a washer or dryer. Whether this was stashed away for later, or a poor choice to ‘secure’ money in a secret hiding place, a safe is a better choice.

If you find money ‘here and there’ you might want to determine first if it is a set-up for a dishonest employee to steal later, or if it is poor judgment or laziness on how they secure funds.

Heck, it’s more important to conceal the stolen item than my identity!


This person appeared to know where in the salon to find her prize. Based on her hesitation at the door, it appeared she opened it with a key. Her behavior would indicate she knew where to look in the salon. She checked several areas before finally finding what she wanted. She arrived wearing a rather large hooded coat until she ended up needing it to conceal the item that she was stealing which appeared to be a cash box.

The coat she was wearing did a good job at concealing her identity until it became more useful as a cover for the item she was walking out of the salon with. She gives the ‘Unknown Comic’ a run for his money!

When you find something missing or stolen, do you take the time to watch, listen and assess the actions of the employees? An employee who has stolen or has aided and abetted another in the act of theft, will often ‘leak’ their knowledge of the crime. Watch, learn and then react.

Breaking and Entry 101!

This one speaks for itself. Not likely an employee based on how they pulled off the crime.

Who needs a key when you have a “Pocket Crowbar!”


This may have been a customer. He knew exactly where to go. He headed directly for the cash drawer and didn’t hesitate to consider for a second where the drawer was located. No head movement to indicate a slight pause to the drawer location. He then left the check-in area and returned quickly and left calmly. It is unknown what he got away with, if anything. It appeared this salon’s funds were minimal or well secured.

Another Breaking and Entry 101!


This one speaks for itself. Not likely an employee based on how they pulled off the crime. These simple break-ins and direct hits at the point-of-sale area is a very good reason why this area needs to have a high-quality video capture system. It’s “where the action is.”

It takes Teamwork and Experience!


The ‘Pocket Crowbar’ once again seems to be a popular choice of tools for fast entry.

They may not have known exactly where to look, but their ‘experience and instinct’ kicked in. They tore apart the point-of-sale” area while their ‘outlook’ was letting them know by what sounded like ‘walkie-talkie” what was happening outside. They did more damage to the front check-in, than what they walked away with.

They were clearly organized to some degree above amateur level. The outside communication, simple tools of the trade, faces clearly hidden and somewhat reserved.

Take a crack break, steal some money, take a crack break …


This Great Clips cleaning service employee spent more time smoking crack than cleaning. While cleaning however, she came across some areas in the salons where money was “secured” in odd places. I guess she thought the money belonged to whoever found it. She was interrogated and terminated.

Accident Watch & Report!


Accidents will happen. From common Slip and falls to tripping over mats, rugs or wires to defective chairs breaking under the weight of a person. Video evidence cannot be underestimated when a customer or employee makes an injury claim.

Loss Prevention Specialists, Inc. CCTV has caught everything. From outside maintenance workers smoking crack, employees committing theft and fraud, poor customer service—to employees faking an injury to collect workers compensation.


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