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Expert-level TRAINING

Corporate Combat® offers Expert-level Continuing Education courses that have been approved by the State of Minnesota for both “Live Classroom Training” as well as “On-line Training.” A Selected number of these courses will be made available to our Members at a discount. The 365Trainer program is part of the BlackWhole Solutions™ family of products and services.

BlackWhole Solutions™ offers Expert-level training to Business Owners, Private Investigators, Human Resource Professionals and Loss Prevention and Security Personnel through This training comes in the form of Continuing Education and Instructional Courses.

The information presented in was developed by experts through extensive research, practical experience and literally thousands of hours of field application since 1984. All of the course material found in is derived from hands-on investigation and interrogation experience as well as practical everyday business operation processes that include policy and procedure development. This makes one of the most comprehensive libraries of courses available. provides a collection of highly-engaging, interactive courseware using the most advanced online methods available to assure secure course delivery while maintaining a Username and Password protected record storage and retrieval system.

All courses are updated regularly and designed to promote a ‘familiarity’ with the material making it ‘memorable’ and instantly usable. The majority of course material is based on thousands of interrogations and interviews of employees who provided detailed confessions of their theft and fraud activities as well as other serious violations such as sexual harassment.

Features of the 365 Trainer e-Learning solution:


  • Web-based and designed for quick implementation

  • Proven visual narrative/real-life material

  • Relevant expert-level content

  • Simple, intuitive and ready to use

  • Instructional design using a blended material approach to allow for a higher retention of the content of each course

BlackWhole Solutions™ training is offered 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week, 365 days a year at your convenience. Consider BlackWhole Solutions™ to be your 24/7/365 Trainer!

If you are not familiar with™ please go to to learn more about this very unique Web Based Continuing Education and Instructional Courses. Call 1-800-825-5572 for more detailed information.

The following testimonials are from attendees of our recent State approved Continuing Education classes:


This is a Five Star + course. As a former Chief of Police, former Chairman of the MNPOST Board, member of the FBI NA and FBI LEEDA and NAIS, I recommend this course without any reservations. It's professional, thorough, interesting and extremely well presented. The accompanying course materials are well-written and allow for easy follow-along and note taking.


“While the subject matter of the class did not directly fit into my type of work (I do not deal with employee issues much) I did find the techniques for interviews helpful and informative. I found the class was well-organized, the time did not drag, and the material held my attention. The presentation was knowledgeable and professional. Of all the pre-approved training classes I have attended this one was by far the best.”

“Excellent Class! Well constructed and presented.”

“Once again Bill Urban provides an excellent course. It is informative and entertaining. Most courses have various lulls throughout the day. Bill is able to keep everything interesting plus he involves the participants. The only hard part was trying to get Bill to provide more insight as to interview transitions. But that is what the next course level is for, which my company will attend. This course truly makes me want to tell others about how effective these techniques can be. Thanks Bill! I give you a grade of "A."

“Bill, I thoroughly enjoyed this class! Your instructions were very well presented and came across extremely professional. This is a very refreshing change from some of the classes I have had in the past! The slides were both instructive and amusing. Job well done! Thank you for the great lunch too!”

“Exceptional class and presentation!!”

“Thanks Bill. We will definitely be using you for all our training purposes. As before you have a great ability to keep the audience focused and involved in your class. Thanks again and keep sending me emails of upcoming classes.”

“Excellent informational content. Well presented. Worth the time spent!”

“Excellent work Bill!! Again!!”

“It was very informational and I enjoyed it. Great technical information on interviewing. I would give this class an "A" and also lunch was very good. I do intend on attending additional classes.”


“Course was very interesting. Overall grade is an “A.” I would like to know more about other ways people try to steal.”


“Exceptionally educational—I’m looking forward to more classes.”


“Very insightful. I think that you did a great job of keeping things fun and interesting. You have definitely convinced me to pay closer attention to this area (fraud and theft.) We should schedule some type of audits.”


“Grade “A.” Great work!”


“It was great. I think people wanted to know how to conduct a 2 or 6 hour interrogation. Suggest they attend your interrogation course. Thank you. It was great to see someone who understands the various aspects of what needs to be covered for Continuing Education for Private Detectives. I will attend other courses and recommend to other professionals.”


“A+ This course was the reason that the Board created Continuing Education. Very educational. Not a waste of time like most other classes.”


“This course was very good and informative. I enjoyed the many examples; confessions, videos and diagrams. This all helped to support the material. I feel much more informed and capable in the area of corporate fraud. I am excited for the affiliation we have developed with Corporate Combat. I look forward to the future; more education and great assistance for our organization. The food was excellent—the chef is amazing!!”


“Overall, the entire class was great—very insightful and full of useful, up-to-date information. I really enjoyed the many opportunities that the class was given to participate. I learned information that will apply to my area of expertise and will hopefully help my bottom line. The class and the instructor (Mr. Urban) get an “A.” Thank you!”


“Very good session. Good examples and tools to help us think outside the box.”


“A+ Great job!Informative and entertaining. Now I want to find someone to “visit” with [interrogate]!”


“I would give this class an “A”(especially compared to past classes I have taken.) Very interactive and informational.”


“Very educational and entertaining. I highly recommend this class compared to others I have taken.”


“Very informative. Manual helped keep interest by filling in the blanks—good! You are very knowledgeable and that is nice and it shows. I would come to your other classes.”


“Great class Bill! Thanks for providing some great insight. Thanks again! I will see you next year!”


“A Great job! I’ve been through other courses and this one was so much better!”


I rarely provide testimonials, but with the knowledge received from attending Bill Urban’s training seminar I am compelled to do so. I have worked in the areas of Loss Prevention, Investigations, Risk Management, Security and Human Resources for over 29 years. I currently own and operate my own private investigative agency. During the course of my career I have attended hundreds of training seminars. Some with the corporations I have worked for and some from what I have invested in for my own company. I can state with confidence that the class I attended that Bill had instructed was one of the most informative I have ever been to. He uses real world examples, the reasons ‘why’ certain strategies and tactics should be employed, and an in-depth knowledge of human behavior. His material is logical, beneficial and well presented. He motivates all attendees and keeps the class entertaining. Whether you are a business owner, manager or own your own company an investment into attending one of Bill Urban’s seminars is more than beneficial. It is an investment into one’s own arsenal of knowledge that will make you more successful in whatever your goals are.

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