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CCTV Systems

Specialists say the cost of employee theft and embezzlement adds up to billions of dollars annually. For most companies, employee theft is a much more serious concern than burglars or shoplifters.  In the retail industry, where theft of all types is a recurring problem, businesses recover an average of $1,350 from each employee apprehended for stealing, compared to $196 recovered from shoplifters. With dramatic figures like these, taking steps to eliminate theft and graft within a firm are sure to yield returns.  Should you consider your business immune to employee theft, think again.  Security experts  estimate that as many as 30 percent of all employees do steal, and that another 60 percent will steal if given sufficient motive and opportunity.  Economic hard times only add to the temptation of personnel to take what does not belong to them.

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Typical Camera Layout
About Our Loss Prevention Camera Systems

Selected Components:


The Corporate Combat Sentry System™ provides four key components:

1)  High Performance Tribrid PROFESSIONAL DVR to meet or exceed Salon loss prevention needs.


2)  2 High Definition HD-TVI 5MP Cameras. One Vari-Focal WDR Point of Sale Dome Camera to track activity, currency exchange, credit card process and Salon employee procedures.  One Waiting Area for customer activity and product shelf coverage.


3)  3 High Definition HD-TVI 5MP Fixed Lens cameras. Two viewing the cutting or service area and one in the office or back room. This layout offers an overview of employee and customer activity.


4)  Point-of-Sale video capture device. This device works outside the P.O.S. system as not to infringe on StyleWare® software or system. The device captures REAL-TIME P.O.S. activity. Works well with component 1 in capturing who was at the P.O.S., what was recorded and the handling of currency.

Quality and Workmanship Guarantee:


CCI guarantees its products performance, installation labor and customer support. We strive to be certain that you are 100% satisfied with your Corporate Combat Sentry System™. All labor associated with your system is guaranteed for as long as you own your system. All components are covered under CCI’s 1-year guarantee. This includes technical support, on-site service and answers to all your questions about your system. Extended service and protection plans are available at additional costs.


About Our Solution:


Additionally, the components are specifically selected for the Great Clips® working environment. This is not an “off-the-shelf” equipment package. Corporate Combat® provides a customized approach to the selection and implementation of the system. The Big Lot systems may be appropriate in some settings such as a low-level security environment but has not proven to be suitable for a business environment. Our history and experience with these types of systems have been reports of dissatisfaction by customers who cut corners for a lower price only to learn that this effort resulted in both poor results (e.g., “grainy video”) and long-term higher costs (replacing it with higher quality components to achieve desired results.)


We look forward to assisting you in your efforts in deciding the best approach to this very important area of business protection. This may appear to be a cost, but it has been demonstrated repeatedly throughout every industry—that has Video Protection—that CCTV is an investment. The proper application of CCTV increases profit through deterrence and early detection with the added assurance that what you do find will be handled in a very professional manner (This latter fact is only found to be available through companies like Corporate Combat® who have a team of experienced investigators with a proven track record of understanding corporate fraud and retail crime and how to handle these highly sensitive situations.)


We have handled literally thousands of CCTV fraud and theft related cases. It is safe to say that “99%” of security “experts” who sell and service CCTV will have no idea what to do when the client calls and asks them “Now What?” after they see video of an employee stealing. That’s not our opinion; that’s a fact.

CCTV Systems Built Specifically For The Great Clips Environment

Defender TVI Hybrid Series HD DVR



• Real Time H.265 DVR / HD-TVI TriBrid – 8 Channel
• 4K @ 15FPS / 30FPS NTSC
• 1 Channel Audio
• Up to 6TB of storage

Available DVR HDD options

• 4TB HDD: AVR-TA908H-4T (On Average 3 Months of HD Storage)
• 6TB HDD: AVR-TA908H-6T (On Average 4.5 Months of HD Storage)

Available DVR Accessories

• Wall Mount DVR Lock Box with Power Supply and Cooling Fan

• APC Back-UPS 450VA Power Protector

• 21" HDMI LED Monitor



CMS Pro for Windows (Also available for MAC)

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Mobile App for iPad, iPhone and Android

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